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At Team Sports, sports and fun are synonymous. Our events are among the most competitive, fun and unique events in the country. We work with clients of all sizes to provide professional event management services and consulting.

For Athletes here in the Midwest, we create unique cross country ski, mountain bike and endurance events for competitors of all skill levels. Contact us to learn how we can take your event to the next level.

24Hours of Telemark

The 24 Hours of Telemark Ski Race

  24 9 Miles

24 Hours of Nine Mile Mountain Bike Race
US National Championship

America's first 24 hour, non stop cross country ski race, held each year at the Telemark Ski resort. How far can you ski in 24 Hours?


You've had months to recover from the 24 hours of Telemark, so join us for a 24 hour mountain bike race to prove your mettle and stamina!

Unnamed Epic

The Unnamed Epic


Collegiate Nationals

The toughest terrain in Wisconsin was just begging for an epic mountain bike event. Over 75 miles of connecting road and snowmobile trail segments, trails in Governor Dodge State Park, the Military Ridge State Trail, and Brigham County Park.


The Collegiate Nationals are coming to Madison, WI! Team Sports Inc. will serve as the event promoter and will provide logistical support for the event!


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