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For more than a decade Team Sports has specialized in providing team management and marketing serves for of the nation's most prestigious cycling and multi-sport teams and events.

We pride ourselves on the quality of work and close relations with the sponsors, event and athletes and our ability to generate exceptional returns on the sponsor's investments in sales, media exposure and marketing presence.

In the hyper competitive world of professional sports, we pride ourselves on the quality and caliber of our marketing programs, our athletes and our results. Let us help you set your products and brand apart from the rest of the pack.

Team Sports Staff

Jack Hirt - Events Director

Teams Currently Under Management

Team Type 1
Tom Schuler - General Manager

Timex Multisport Team
Tristan Brown - Team Manager

Zoot Ultra Triathlon Team
Tom Schuler - Director





Tom Schuler

Prior to starting Team Sports, Tom was a 10-year member of the 7-Eleven Cycling Team, 1987 CoreStates USPRO winner and 1980 member of the U.S. Olympic Cycling Team; Tom has been a tremendous supporter of cycling.

His commitment and passion to the sport and the Saturn Cycling Team has paved the way for many athletes to reach their potential at a time when they my not otherwise have had access to opportunities.

Member of:

  • US National Team (1975 - 1983)
  • Member of the 1980 US Olympic Team 1981
  • US Ameteur Champion Member of the 7-Eleven Profesional Cycling Team (1979 - 1989)
  • Over 100 Career Victories 1987
  • US Pro Champion

    European Competition:
  • Giro d'Italia (1985)
  • Milano - Sanremo (1985)
  • World Championships (1985, 87)
  • Assistant General Manager /
  • Assistand Directeur Sportif
  • Motorola Professional Cycling Team
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