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Leveraging Sponsorship

The Saturn Cycling Team produced and advertising equivalent of over $10.2M in 2003 and distributed 200,000 cycling magazines with test drive offer in a very successful grassroots marketing program.

With a return on investment running at almost 5% Saturn successfully activated their hands on marketing campaign and sold an amazing number of vehicles through their cycling sponsorship. And, the Saturn Team co-sponsor (Timex) experienced a ROI of 3.3 times their sponsorship.

Saturn generated a $4.8 Million Media Value (YTD 2003 LUCE Impact Report - TV, Radio & Print - 99,825,305 million audience impressions) over 200 hours of coverage featuring the Saturn Team with athletes featured on:

  • FOX TV's "Best Damn Sports Show, Period"
  • OLN's "Summer Sports Zone"

In print, our athletes were feature in a number of magazines:

  • People Magazine
  • Outside
  • Backpacker
  • USA Today
  • Men's Journal
  • Men's Health and Fitness
  • Ebony
  • Black Male
  • USA Today

We held more than 65 Saturn retail visits and dozens of school, bike shop, and hospital visits to promote Saturn's products through cycling. Team Sports gives your products and services the competitive edge.

The Saturn Success Story...
"We've had the opportunity to interact with consumers around the country who have come out to support our team and the events we have chosen to sponsor.

Road cycling has been an ideal venue for our products and our Saturn retailers who have embraced cycling in their local communities.

We have had the pleasure of working with incredible people, both on the bike and behind the scenes."

Christine Rivers,
Saturn Corporation


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